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“I started my journey in health & fitness from time I was 12 years old. I was always into sports but believe it or not, I was a chubby kid that was not happy at all with his weight. I tried everything from YouTube videos, to Beachbody programs like insanity and eventually started boxing locally and abroad. Although my physique and mindset changed about how to properly take care of my health, I was never satisfied. Here I am now with certifications in personal training, group training, and nutrition as well as having a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science”

My interest of becoming a trainer stemmed from one of my former mentor Tristan Wesenhagen 3 years ago. I started off training groups of 8-15 people at the Dalmaim Boxing Gym Boxfit Program and eventually started personally training some individuals, teaching them the fundamentals of boxing. Additionally I was given the opportunity to lead government programs for young local athletes as well as the cadets. When I returned from my studies, I felt fully equipped to start my very own journey as an independent personal/group trainer. Within a year I’ve helped numerous people achieve their fitness goals.

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Blayze is an amazing trainer! He is very knowledgeable, methodical, professional and cares deeply about his clients and their wellbeing! I appreciate that he takes the necessary time to customise your workouts and pushes you beyond your own perceived limits. I highly recommend Blayze Fitness to achieve your fitness goals!

– Exie Panton

BIG thank you to Blayze Fitness 💪🏽 found my body gaining weight in all the wrong area’s. So I decided it was time to get fit & drop this weight. Over the past 2 months I went from 167 to 154 😁 still have more to workoff & I will!

– Sheena Hurlston

Training with Blayze has been one of the best and most productive choices I’ve made in 2021. Time flies when you’re having fun (and seeing real results!). 20lbs down and fitting into things I haven’t been able to wear for three years. More to come!

– Myfanwy Leggatt

“The sessions consisted of of HIIT training and boxing for an hour, these sessions were tough! Blayze pushed us to our limit, urging us to not stop until we were finished. I saw almost immediate results under Blayze’s training. I decided to inquire with him to start doing personal sessions, in hopes to advance my fitness and athletic capabilities. Blayze’s program helped me build muscle, endurance, and muscle strength. If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, I definitely recommend him!”

– Jada Watson

“Blayze always greeted our workout groups with a positive and motivating attitude. He always made sure to provide variations for people who may be a bit more advanced or those who were newer to the program and weren’t able. Would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a good workout.”

– ThaDudeFeev

“Blayze has been very motivating in his approach to getting the very best from you. His obvious knowledge, skill and athleticism inspires trust and confidence that you’re training with someone who knows what he’s doing. His exercise program is always engaging, never boring and always pushes you to excel; you can feel and see the results almost overnight: one week with Blayze was transformational”

– Sterling Ebanks